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If you are considering orthodontics or trying to decide which office is best for you, we offer free, zero-pressure consultations.

Dr. Willes truly wants what is best for each patient, and if there is more than one option, he will let you know, and explain any advantages or trade-offs there might be between the various treatment plans. And although his goal is always the best treatment for you in the shortest amount of time, he will listen to your concerns and consider your preferences, and try to accommodate whenever he can, without compromising an amazing outcome. And if treatment at this time isn’t best for you, Dr. Willes will honestly tell you that, too.

So, for just an hour of your time, you can learn if you need orthodontics, what the options are, how long it will take, how much it will cost, AND how awesome Dr. Willes and the Willes Ortho team are!!

Isn’t your smile worth an hour?!

Fill out this form or give us a call today to schedule your complimentary consultation! (There you go, that’s about as pressure-y as we get ; )

(Please note that this form is form for requesting a new-patient consultation. To make or change a regular appointment, call or text us at 760-434-5031. Or you are also welcome to call if you would simply rather talk on the phone.)


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