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Patient Testimonials


Our goal is always to take the best care of our awesome patients and their families, but sometimes it feels like they’re the ones taking wonderful care of us. Such is the case with these testimonials: Our patients made our day with their willingness to contribute these quotes when we were working on our new website.

Our original plan had been to use just a few favorites from the many submitted, but they ALL turned out to be our favorites. See what we mean when we say we have THE BEST PATIENTS anywhere?! And their trust in Willes Orthodontics means the world to us. We hope you find these reviews helpful in your search for the best orthodontist for yourself and your family.


“As soon as I stepped into Dr. Willes’s office, I knew I had found the right place and was in good hands. The staff is so knowledgeable but also so fun. After a few short months, I already can see the change in my smile and can’t wait to see the magic he and his staff created when it’s done! Thank you.”

— Samantha

“My three children began seeing Dr. Willes when my oldest was in first grade. After 11 years, it was my turn for a tune-up of my own, long-ago orthodontia — and of course I chose to see Dr. Willes. Dr. Willes and his staff are always cheerful, helpful, and responsive. Dr. Willes takes the time to explain procedures, answer questions, and listen to concerns. I really appreciate that he offers several treatment options — and doesn’t always recommend the most expensive! Even when our family finishes orthodontic treatment, we will continue to recommend Dr. Willes.”

— Joan

“I chose Willes Orthodontics because of their personalized office, courteous staff, excellent quality of care and service, and the comfort and ease at which they put my child. Willes Orthodontics is a top-notch pick for orthodontic needs!”

— Bernadette

“The Willes ortho team has always been so polite and accommodating to our busy schedule needs! We never have to wait long, and we are in and out quickly. I would highly recommend them! ”

— Kendra

“Dr. Willes is extremely thorough, focused on perfect results, and at the same time very friendly. He was always willing to take time to explain each step of the treatment and why it was necessary and what I could do to shorten the treatment time and get the best results. My teeth came out perfect — just as he predicted at my initial appointment. They look and feel great. And the office environment and staff are very friendly and fun.”

— Ron

“It’s not an orthodontic office, it’s a family.”

— Emily

“The staff is so amazing and they are very caring with their patients. They really do want you to have your best smile!”

— Ellie

“All three of our teenagers got traditional braces from Dr. Willes. We lived in San Diego when we first started to see Dr. Willes and drove all the way to Carlsbad because he’s worth the drive. All three of our kids have beautiful smiles. I opted for Invisalign® and am really happy with the results. I was very picky about how I wanted my teeth to look, and Dr. Willes took all the time necessary to understand what my concerns were and address them. He explains what is and isn’t possible. One of my friends got Invisalign from a regular dentist, and the results were not so good. You only have one set of teeth. Seek out the best. Dr. Willes and his staff are super friendly and professional.”

— Sue

“Dr. Willes and the staff are simply amazing. They are helpful, nice, professional, knowledgeable. Every time we go there it is a joyful experience, even for my daughter who is not a patient.”

— Negar

“Our whole family has been to Willes Ortho and had a great experience. We get compliments about our smiles all the time. Dr. Willes has been fantastic. Once we got our braces off, we never looked at teeth the same way. We are so grateful to have awesome smiles!”

— Kathy

“I was so excited to get my braces on about a year ago. Dr. Willes and his team are so kind! Who knew having braces would be so much fun! But I am looking forward to getting them off soon to show everyone my new smile!”

— Justin

“Dr. Willes has treated four of our children. They have needed everything from a Herbst appliance to making space and bringing an uncooperative tooth down and into its proper place. Every one of our children has had a great experience working with Dr. Willes and his staff. After treatment they feel more confident in their smile, which is a great boost in how they feel about themselves. I also love Carrie’s personal reminder phone calls. They have helped us not miss our appointments on more than one occasion.”

— Becky

“Going to see Dr. Willes is fun because he and his staff always have a smile on their faces, and it’s contagious.”

— Antonio

“Willes Ortho is a fantastic office. I had the experience of having braces years ago, and it was a positive experience, and now my children are being treated. Very friendly staff, and Dr. Willes takes personal interest in meeting all needs and providing a beautiful smile!”

— Koni

“Dr. Willes and the entire staff are very patient and create a very warm and friendly experience. They take time to get to know you, and they are very accommodating.”

— Lisa 

"Our children have been patients of this office for three-plus years. The level of care, commitment, and professionalism is beyond superior. We, as a family, we feel fortunate to part of this dental ‘family.’ ”

— Maureen

“Dr. Willes really is the best! He is thorough, thoughtful, meticulous, and he genuinely cares about his patients in a way that I have never experienced in any other office. I would absolutely recommend him to anyone who wants a better smile.”

— Jeremy

“Great customer service and exceptional hands on care. Dr. Willes educated us during each step of the way. His staff put us at ease when we had to schedule appointments and ask questions. They even helped our financial situation by allowing me to do payments. Would definitely recommend, and am very pleased with our results.”

— Marla

“Dr. Willes and his entire staff are top notch. They really care about their patients, provide incredible results, and somehow manage to make orthodontics fun! Thanks for my daughter’s beautiful smile, Dr. Willes!”

— Cat

“Dr. Willes has always taken time to check in with patient/parent at every visit and answer any questions. His obvious knowledge, professional training, and friendly presence make everyone relaxed and comfortable. However, Dr. Willes is only one reason why this has been such a positive experience. The support and office staff are equally friendly, patient, and always seem happy to be at work. I cannot speak highly enough of Willes Orthodontics.”

— Nicole

“Dr. Willes is a wonderful orthodontist. Always smiling, with great interest in giving top-notch care. All the members of his staff are great, too! I am happy to recommend Dr. Willes to anyone.”

— Colleen 

"Dr. Willes and his staff are so patient, caring, and thoughtful with our eight-year-old, Ellie. To quote Ellie, ‘He makes my smile even better!’ We are so fortunate to have these wonderful professionals provide such outstanding care to one of our most precious gifts.”

— Aimee

“I just love this place. Always on time with appointments. The staff is always friendly, too. They also have games throughout the year, which make it fun for the kids!”

— Sabrina

“Dr. Willes and his whole staff are amazing. I wouldn’t have had these great results without them.”

— Brian

“Willes Ortho is one of my favorite places to be, whether it’s fixing my teeth or just talking to the staff.”

— Ceara

“We were so pleased with the results we had with Dr. Willes for our son that we couldn’t wait to get our younger son started with him, too. Thanks for your professionalism and beautiful smiles!”

— Susan

“We love Dr. Willes and his staff! Everyone is always positive and happy. My kids never mind going to the orthodontist, and in fact, they look forward to it!”

— Brandi

“Dr. Willes has been great with helping my wife with her braces and now our son. So glad we found him! Thanks, Dr. Willes!”

— Patrick

“Absolutely beautiful results for both of my children, and the staff is amazing!! I recommend Willes Ortho to everyone!”

— Jenna

“Logan loves his braces and his experience with Dr. Willes. He is great with kids and has a very fun atmosphere. Logan’s teeth are looking great. I’m sure my younger son will be his future patient.”

— Colleen 

"Willes Orthodontics is great! I wanted lower braces as my teeth had shifted from when I first had braces twenty years ago (and didn’t always wear my retainer). I couldn’t be more happy with my smile and Dr. Willes’s service. He is very gentle and nice, and his team is fantastic! Thank you.”

— Karen

“Dr. Willes takes an interest in each patient. He is not just your orthodontist, he is your friend.”

— Shelly

“Ten-star experience! Dr. Willes and his entire staff are friendly, knowledgeable, and efficient. You truly will come away assured that they care about your individual needs.”

— Cricket

“The BEST staff EVER!! Everyone including Dr. Willes is always so friendly and helpful, we drive from San Marcos!”

— Nicolina

“I did not want to get braces, but I am glad I did! I have had the best experience with Dr. Willes and his team. They are all committed to making my smile perfect. They are so flexible, and know how to make all their guests happy and feel special. Thank you.”

— Sindia

“Dr. Willes is a great orthodontist. My son has enjoyed going to see him. Carrie is a great receptionist, always a friendly face when you walk in. We will definitely be referring Dr. Willes to friends.”

— Mimi

“Great Doc! Great Staff!”

— Kelly

“Dr. Willes and staff are very friendly and professional. I am very happy to be a patient here.”

— Courtney

“The team at Willes Orthodontics treats us like family, and we’re so happy with our daughter’s progress. Only one more year to go with our firstborn, but Dr. Willes will be seeing our next three soon!”

— Amanda

“Matthew is so excited to be going to Dr. Willes. We have already been treated like family! We’ve heard how professional and great with kids Dr. Willes is and look forward to a great orthodontic experience.”

— Kim

“I love how my teeth turned out. Dr. Willes will make sure your teeth are perfect. I always felt like family in the office.”

— Gabe

“I am so thankful to Dr. Willes and his staff for a great experience! I love my new smile and get so many compliments on my beautiful teeth! Thank you!”

— Lauren

“Dr. Willes is dedicated to creating perfect smiles. I always get compliments on my Willes Ortho smile.”

— Christena

“Dr. Willes and his staff are so friendly and make you feel so welcome. He is passionate about his work and has worked wonders on our daughter’s teeth. She has gained more confidence now with her smile.”

— Becky

“Dr. Willes and his staff are so friendly and nice. I feel welcomed at every visit.”

— Naomi

“Jay loves having Dr. Willes as his orthodontist! He makes us feel like family, and Jay can’t wait for his new smile.”

— Anna

“Dr. Willes is so great with kids! The whole staff is super nice, and they make you feel like family. Trey loves his new smile!”

— Jolene

“I love how welcoming and inviting the whole staff is. They make the whole experience enjoyable.”

— Grant

“I love the t-shirts Willes Orthodontics gives to all their patients. The staff is also great. I always felt comfortable at the office. Dr. Willes rocks!”

— Emma

“Our experience at Willes Orthodontics has been WONDERFUL! They make us feel like family!”

— Nancy

Our Patients
love us

“As a dental hygienist in Carlsbad for thirteen years, my expectations are higher than most. The results I have seen on patients over the years as well as on my own children are five stars all the way around.
Thank you, Dr. Willes!”
Debbie, Carlsbad
“We have had four children benefit from the care and expertise of Dr. Willes and his staff. The people in the office really care about not just making beautiful smiles, but engaging and understanding their patients.” Jennifer, Oceanside
“Couldn’t ask for a better team. Always prompt and courteous, with great skills and service.” Richard, San Marcos
“Dr. Willes and his staff clearly love what they do. They are knowledgeable, genuine, and professional, and take pride in creating healthy, beautiful smiles.” Colleen, Carlsbad
“I love Dr. Willes and all the staff! I look forward to my regular visits because it’s like seeing family. My teeth are getting so straight, and I can hardly wait to see my forever smile!” Brandon, Vista
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