Meet Our Team

Creating the best orthodontic experience is a group effort—and we believe we’ve got the best group around! Each member of our team chose to specialize in orthodontic patient care because of how fulfilling it is to be part of the exciting smile and life-changing results we get to see in our patients. For Dr. Willes, having a happy, cohesive team with the same goals, values and work ethic is important. And having our office be a fun and safe place—for our patients and team—makes a world of difference.

Get to know our team members below as you check out a small sampling of things we love about them, and then read their thoughts about working at Willes Ortho.



Things we love about Carrie

  • Her constant kindness
  • Awareness of each patient and remembering things that are important to them
  • Dependability
  • Mad front-desk skills
  • Willingness to step in and help however needed
  • That her dream car is a 1978 Corvette Stingray, which she plans to get after she retires

Why Carrie loves working at Willes Ortho

“Working for Dr. Willes is an honor. He is a great orthodontist. And I enjoy getting the opportunity to get to know each patient and hear all the exciting things that happen in their lives during their treatment. It is exciting to see their smiles transform over the course of treatment, and it is rewarding to see how happy they are with the end result.”



Things we love about Angie

  • Her boundless energy
  • Genuine concern for patients and making them feel seen and safe 
  • Sense of humor and contagious laugh 
  • Authenticity
  • Endearing quirkiness 
  • How she changes from “outdoor shoes” to “indoor shoes” and back again as she comes and goes each day (just like Mr. Rogers : )

Why Angie loves working at Willes Ortho

“My official job is treatment coordinator, but my unofficial job description is team player. My specialty is making everyone feel safe because I understand that dental/ortho can seem terrifying at first. I strive to make sure patients who come in scared end up leaving the office feeling brave—whether they choose treatment with us or not. I love where I work because we all work together as friends, and we are not trying to sell something. We are legit trying to do what’s best for our patients because we LOVE what we do and also love them! Dr. Willes is the best boss I’ve ever had, and does the best ortho work I’ve ever seen.”



Things we love about Bria

  • Her unparalleled assisting skills
  • Work ethic and integrity
  • Calmness even under pressure 
  • How hard she laughs at Dr. Willes's dorky "dad jokes" 
  • Talent as a great teacher and back-office leader
  • Passion for everything Star Wars, including two pupsters named Kylo and Padme

Why Bria loves working at Willes Ortho

“Ortho is definitely the most fun, rewarding specialty to work in, knowing we’re helping change patient’s lives one smile at a time. Getting to know each patient, and helping them feel like family is one of my favorite things. Working at Willes Orthodontics is awesome! The team is great, and I love how Dr. Willes is a perfectionist; he truly wants what’s best for our patients!”



Things we love about Mai

  • Her quiet sweetness
  • Commitment to excellent orthodontic assisting
  • Extraodinaria talento español
  • Sincerity
  • Gift for making our patients feel calm and comfortable 
  • That she and her hubby were high school sweethearts, and now do date-nights going to the beach to paint

Why Mai loves working at Willes Ortho

“Since I was very little, I wanted to go into orthodontics because of the change I personally experienced in my life. My teeth were bad, and it was a very big deal for me. I wouldn’t smile and covered my mouth when I laughed. After braces, I became much more confident, and I know it’s that way for others, too. My job as assistant is to be very friendly and help things go smoothly. The flow here is great, with the team working so well with each other. I also love how hands-on Dr. Willes is with each patient. I appreciate that a lot because my orthodontist wasn’t really involved like that. I love being part of the team at Willes Orthodontics and seeing patients’ self-confidence grow!”



Things we love about Heidi

  • Her PUNderful sense of humor 
  • Untiring behind-the-scenes work 
  • Supportiveness
  • Commitment to helping make Willes Ortho be the best it can be
  • The way she and Dr. Willes collaborate together 
  • That she is also on the board of the Carlsbad Village Association, because she thinks that along with Dr. Willes, the team, and patients, our little Village is also the best

Why Heidi loves working for Willes Ortho

“As Dr. Willes’s wife, I don’t work in the office, but I love the chance to be part of the team in a variety of supporting roles. I have fun planning and running patient contests and activities, as well as managing our social media. I also do the bookkeeping and HR, and I can make a Costco run with the best of ‘em. Whatever the task, I’m grateful for opportunity it gives me to associate with the incredible staff and patients that are Willes Orthodontics. As for Dr. Willes, of course I think he’s THE BEST—not just as a skilled practitioner, but as someone who truly wants what’s best for each patient, even if that occasionally means telling someone that orthodontic treatment isn’t necessary—that they don’t need his services. I’m grateful for that integrity in his professional life, and personally.”

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