Everything I need to know about teeth, I learned from a preschooler!

Almost 10 years ago, Dr. Michael Willes’s office was full of eager Carlsbad Kruger House preschoolers who were learning about how very un-scary it is to go to the dentist. They got to hear a story about “Little Critter” visiting his dentist; they talked about proper brushing and flossing techniques with a set of giant teeth; they squirmed at the thought of thousands of “invisible cavity bugs” in their mouths; they had a chance to touch a spinning hand piece and see that it tickles and doesn’t hurt …. and best of all, they got to give their enthusiastic input about how to take care of healthy teeth.

Several things Dr. Willes taught those cute little kids can provide us insights, too … like why flossing is important and how it works: “Think of your teeth and gums like wearing a turtleneck sweater; just like the space between the sweater and your neck, there’s a space between your teeth and gums that needs to be cleaned.” Or, on how braces work: “It’s like the brackets are handles that the wire can use to move your teeth.” Or on healthy eating habits: “It’s OK to have some gum or soda, as long as you clean your teeth afterward.” And on toothbrush choice: “Soft bristles are best because sometimes if the bristles are too hard, it can hurt your gums.”

The best idea, though, came when one of the darling kids suggested that a great way to go to the dentist would be on a zipline. That would certainly add a whole new level of excitement to dental care! Don't you think?

One thing is for sure, we at Willes Orthodontics appreciate the excitement that having those sweet kids in our office provided!!


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